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AcademicAddiction Medicine Interest Group - AMIGIn addition to hosting lunch talks about the vast field of addiction medicine, we also arrange Narcan "train the trainer" community educational experiences, AA/NA meetings for students to attend and debrief, networking experiences with renowned addiction medicine faculty, among others. We're partnered with the Addiction Medicine Area of Concentration, a track to tailor your education to the field.Jad Hilal, Laura,
AcademicAmerican Geriatrics Society Noontime Clinical Case Series (AGS)This is a series of monthly noontime case presentations linked to the second year block curriculum. Cases are presented in the format used by all physicians to evaluate patient problems. The goals of the program are to provide clinical correlation with the block curriculum, highlight how health issues differ among the aged, provide experience with the standard clinical approach to differential diagnosis and treatment planning, and to incorporate a biopsychosocial perspective into patient care of the older adult.Darren Haskett (,
Lily Berrin (,
Mackenzie Moon (,
Emily Mosher (
AcademicAnesthesiology Interest Group-AIGThe Anesthesia Interest Group allows students to explore the variety of clinical and research fields that collectively make up the anesthesia department. Furthermore, we provide networking opportunities and host social events that help familiarize medical students with the anesthesia faculty and their areas of study. Lastly, the group has a wonderful group of students from all years who help guide those who are also interested in anesthesia down a path of success through Q&A sessions and individual meetings. Nathan Reinert, Abby
AcademicAssociation of Women SurgeonsAWS is an academic interest group which strives to bring light to the unique challenges and opportunities for women in surgery. By facilitating professional connections among individuals from all levels of medical training, we offer a forum for women to share their experiences in and advice for career development.Nallammai Muthiah; Maya
AcademicC.F. Reynolds Medical History SocietyThe C.F. Reynolds Medical History Society is one of the largest regional history of medicine societies in the U.S., with a diverse membership that includes members from the School of Medicine and History of Medicine faculty. Among its activities, the Society sponsors an annual lecture series and publishes its lectures online in audio and video formats.Brett Curtiscfreynoldsmhs@gmail.com
AcademicCardiothoracic Surgery Interest GroupAllows students to explore the field of cardiac and thoracic surgery and learn basic surgical skills through workshops Insiyah Campwala, Nalli
AcademicDermatology Interest Group (DIG)The Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) provides medical students with a variety of clinical and service opportunities to explore field of dermatology. The DIG also organizes the Student Dermatology Clinic for the Underserved (SDU) where student volunteers assist dermatologists in providing care to underserved and uninsured patients.Astrid Guevara, Maria,
AcademicEducation on Rare Disease (ERD)The Education on Rare Disease (ERD) student group invites patients with rare conditions and their healthcare providers to share their experience with medical students. In addition to the science of these diseases, we encourage students to learn from the speakers about how these diseases impact their daily lives and their interaction with the healthcare system. The treatment of rare diseases is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary area of medicine and the goal of this group is to expose medical students to both the science of rare diseases as well as the experience of patients with these conditions. Jason Glanzman, Reshan,
AcademicEmergency Medicine Student Association (EMSA)We are an interest group devoted to immersing interested students in emergency medicine. We offer a lunch talk series about the various aspects of the field as well as skill workshops in IV placement, airway management, ultrasound, suturing, and other common EM-related procedures.Alison Clarke, Erin Gramm, and Julia KnightCoordinator Emails:,,
AcademicENT Interest Group (ENTIG)We help students get exposure to the field of otolaryngology through lunch talks, residency panels, workshops, shadowing and research opportunities, etc. Chareeni Kurukulasuriya, Udit Modi, Daniel;;
AcademicFamily Medicine Interest Group - FMIGThe Family Medicine Interest Group is a resource intended to help educate students about family medicine and provide opportunities for exploration into family medicine as a specialty. We host a variety of educational talks and workshops as well as community service events in conjunction with the Family Medicine department and other interest groups. We are a part of the national network of FMIGs sponsored by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).Christine Tin, Kara,
AcademicGlobal Surgery and Anesthesia Interest Group - GSAIGGSAIG is dedicated to promoting surgery and anesthesia in communities around the world, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. This will be accomplished through education on global surgery and anesthesia, mentorship, and networking with like-minded students and faculty.Sangki Oak & Marin Khengsangki.oak@pitt.edu
AcademicHealth Policy Advisory BoardThe Health Policy Advisory Board at Pitt Med is a student-run initiative that was created a few years ago. We put on a series of dinner talks throughout the year, to teach medical students about how health care reform affects us as medical students and future physicians. The talks consist of a short lecture followed by small-group discussion/debate.Elizabeth Trandel, Perry, Trandel.Elizabeth@medstudent.pitt.eduNone
AcademicInterest Group in Neurology - IGNFostering interest in neurology with events and talksGreg
AcademicInternal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG)IMIG aims to help students explore a career in internal medicineBreanna Nguyen, Neha Hafeez, Bansri
AcademicMedicine-Pediatrics IGOur interest group helps to expose students to the Medicine-Pediatrics specialty. We organize lunch talks and other activities that will help students learn more about the specialty, and interact with professionals in the field. Jessica Gregory; Raeesa Islam; Anjana
AcademicMilitary Medicine Interest Group - MMIGThe Military Medicine Interest Group is for medical & dental students interested in learning about medicine in the U.S. Military. All students are welcome to participate in this group, not just those on the HPSP scholarship.Nicholas Gilbert and Mackenzie Nelsonnlg32@pitt.edunone
AcademicNeurosurgery Interest Group - NSIGNSIG aims to provide medical students with early exposure to neurosurgery in both clinical and research capacities through the organization of shadowing experiences, research meetings, and case presentations. To facilitate interactions between medical students and the department via the establishment of long-term mentoring relationships. To maximize readiness for successful residency matching and performance by means of MS4/resident Q&A panels and OR etiquette workshops.Stephanie Casillo, Eric, ern18@pitt.edu
AcademicOB/GYN Interest Group - OBIGOBIG hosts lunch talks and workshops to spread knowledge about the field of OBGYN and help interested students connect with faculty in the field.Sneha Patnaik, Sabina Spigner, Caroline
AcademicOncology Interest Group - ONCIGOur goal is to educate medical students about the various aspects of working as an oncologist. We invite practicing medical and surgical oncologists to give their take on how they chose their specialty, the immense amount of coordination and teamwork that it takes to care for oncology patients, and how they achieve work-life balance. We also aim to provide students with research and shadowing opportunities to better be able to explore their interests.Ester Goldfeld & Vaidehi
AcademicOphthalmology Interest Group (OIG)The Guerrilla Eye Service of the UPMC Eye Center is dedicated to eliminating barriers to eye care for patients in the Western Pennsylvania area. The GES is staffed by students, residents and faculty who are dedicated to providing comprehensive eye care to the residents of our area who would otherwise go without. Joshua Wesalo, Josh Ongpittmedges@gmail.com
AcademicOrthopaedic Surgery Interest Group - OSIGThe Orthopaedic Surgery Interest Group is primarily involved in facilitating events that provide exposure to the field of orthopaedic surgery for medical students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. We additionally aim to facilitate developing connections with attendings, fellows, and residents to increase networking and research opportunities in the field of orthopaedics.Rajiv Reddy, Joseph Chen, Caroline,, cma93@pitt.eduInstagram - @pittortho
AcademicPalliative Care Interest GroupThe PCIG aims to cultivate a deeper understanding of the goals of palliative medicine and its practice in a safe and collegial space. We believe all physicians should develop the communication skills and knowledge of evidence-based practice necessary to advance good quality of life for their patients.Jackson Mitzner (, Keelin Moehl (
AcademicPathology Medical Student Interest Group- PMSIGThe main goals of the University of Pittsburgh PMSIG are to 1) enhance medical students’ understanding of the role of pathology in patient care, 2) provide students with research and career opportunities in
pathology, 3) foster mentoring relationships between students, residents, and faculty, and 4) function as a sounding board in matters of pathology curriculum development and student affairs.
Theresa Reno, Dr. Marie
AcademicPediatric and Adolescent Medicine Interest Group - PAIGOur organization focuses on all aspects of pediatric and adolescent medicine. Throughout the year we have different lunch talks, dinner meetings and volunteer opportunities related to pediatrics, and can help students find doctors in pediatric subspecialties to shadow or do research with.Olivia Legan; Brendan;
AcademicPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation Student Interest Group- PMRIGThe PMRIG aims to expose medical students to the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, where the goal is to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life. We provide networking opportunities for medical students through lunch talks, panels, and workshops with residents, fellows, and attendings involved in PMR. Prior events include Disabilities and MSK exam workshops and lunch talks on TBI and Spina Bifida.Alan Cuevas Villagomez and Gabby and
AcademicPitt Med Student Mentoring Alliance - PMSMAThe Pitt Med Student Mentorship Alliance (PMSMA) gives undergraduate students a chance for a casual setting to get advice directly from medical students. This gives medical students the opportunity to gain mentorship experience and give back to the Pitt community.Dan Pan, Laura,
AcademicPlastic Surgery Interest Group - PSIGThe Plastic Surgery Interest Group aims to provide experiences to expose medical students to the plastic surgery field. PSIG hosts many events throughout the year such as lunch talks with faculty members from the prestigious Plastic Surgery Department and meet and greets with residents.Phoebe Lee, Justin,
AcademicRadiology Interest Group (RIG)The Radiology Interest Group aims to increase student understanding and awareness of Radiology and Interventional Radiology as medical specialties. We hold lunch talks from prominent faculty, pair medical students with residents in their areas of interest, and guide students to finding research opportunities within the field. Vaidehi Patel, Erica,
AcademicSurgery Interest GroupLearn more about the field of surgery in general and about the sub specialties of surgery. Practice surgical skills and network within the field. Insiyah Campwala, Michelle Nanni, Emily
AcademicUltrasound Medicine Interest GroupUMIG is a group for anyone interested in learning more about point of care ultrasound medicine. We host workshops to help you learn and practice scanning techniques with faculty members. Most importantly, we host Sonogames which is an annual school-wide ultrasound competition with ~cool~ prizes! Anjana Murali, Tim,
AcademicUrology Interest GroupWe aim to promote awareness of the scope and practice of Urologic Surgery, to connect students with urology faculty and residents and to create opportunities for students to practice surgical skills utilized in the field of urology.Natalie Pace (, Christian Morrill (
AcademicWilderness Medicine Society - WMSThe WMS aims to provide learning opportunities to better prepare medical students for medicine in urban and remote settings with limited resources. Benjamin Pifer (
AdvocacyAmerican Medical Association - AMAThe American Medical Association is a professional organization that represents physicians (MD/DO) across the country and advocates for the advancement of medicine and public health on behalf of physicians. The Pitt Med AMA chapter strives to do the same at the local level. Through networking events, lunch talks, and workshops, we help medical students to connect with established physicians, learn about legislation that impacts medical practice, and gain tools to shape our future careers in medicine.Arnab Ray and Jim DuehrArnab Ray -; Jim Duehr -
AdvocacyMedical Students for Choice - MSFCMSFC advocates for women’s reproductive rights via lunch talks, workshops, and a variety of interactive events. Our goal is to spread knowledge and understanding about reproductive choice, reproductive justice, and sex positivity.Rachel Fogel, Emily Flaherty, Sabina,, spigner.sabina@medstudent.pitt.eduUnderserved Women's Health Interest Group (
AdvocacyPrimary Care Progress - PCP@PittPCP@Pitt is an interdisciplinary group of students working to foster interprofessional relationships, teamwork, and education at the University of Pittsburgh. Consisting of members from all Pitt health science schools, our chapter aims to bridge gaps in interprofessional education and develop future health professionals who can face the challenge of providing efficient, affordable, high quality care for patients.Lauren Lin, Deepa, dei4@pitt.edu
AdvocacySocial Determinants of Health Interest GroupThe Social Determinants of Health Interest Group aims to educate medical students about healthcare and policy issues facing various underserved populations. SDHIG also organizes an annual West Virginia service project in Fayetteville. This introduction to rural medicine fulfills the CE-U requirement.Sandra Talbot, Allie
AdvocacyStudents for a National Health Program
SNaHP is the student arm of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), a single issue organization advocating a universal, comprehensive single-payer national health program with more than 23,000 members. We believe that a single publicly funded, privately delivered universal health care system is necessary for us to provide high quality care to all our patients.Donald
Community ServiceAmerican Sign Language Interest Group- ASL-IGThe ASL-IG is an interest group for those interested in learning ASL. Our budget covers night classes at the Western PA School for the Deaf.Motunrayo Olawaiye
Community ServiceBirmingham Free Clinic Interest GroupStudent volunteer group for the Birmingham Free Clinic, a primary care and urgent care center for patients without health insurance. You'll be the first person the patient interacts with as you take a history, take vital signs, and present the patient to the resident/attending.Sruthi Muluk (; Udit Modi (
Community ServiceBooksburghWe are an organization that promotes childhood literacy by reading books to children at CHP! Volunteers can sign up for specific days or can participate in big group events throughout the year. With covid we plan on doing virtual readings to kids.Sarah Erpenbeck , Alison Clarke, Katelyn,,
Community ServiceGeriatrics Area of Concentration - Geriatrics AOCThe Geriatrics AOC focuses on the effects of age on health and health care and is relevant to students with a broad range of career interests, including cardiology, urology, health policy, telemedicine, critical care and more! We promote this goal by providing research opportunities to students, connecting students with fellows and physicians, and being involved with the community.Benjamin Cahill, Roger, Tieu.Roger@medstudent.pitt.edu
Community ServiceMusiCareMusiCare is an organization through which medical students volunteer to play music for inpatients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created a YouTube channel (MusiCare Connections) for students to populate with videos for isolated patients. All are welcome to join, from professional musicians to those who just sing in the shower!Steven Lebowitz, Julia Knight, and Yancheng DaiSteven Lebowitz (; Julia Knight (; Yancheng Dai (
Community ServiceOncology Patients and Loving Students - OPALSOPALS is a yearlong volunteering program at Children's Hospital through which medical students have the opportunity to play with patients on the inpatient Oncology + Bone Marrow Transplant ward. OPALS counts towards CE-U credit and is an incredibly fun, rewarding program to join!Priya Tumuluru & Grace & gec36@pitt.edu
Community ServiceStudents and Latinos United Against Disparities (SALUD)SALUD provides Spanish interpretation services on Saturday mornings, Monday evenings, and Wednesday afternoons at the Birmingham Free Clinic, the city’s only completely free, walk-in clinic. Patients utilize the Birmingham Free Clinic for everything from basic physical exams for employment and driver’s license requirements to preventive and chronic disease care and pharmaceuticals for conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, as well as for mental health services and medical and social service referrals. Our volunteer interpreters open the clinic to many Spanish-speaking patients without other options for care.Noah Krampe (, Liliana Seabol ( Birmingham Free Clinic Pittsburgh Interpreters
Community ServiceWomen’s Shelter Clinic The Women’s Center and Shelter of Pittsburgh serves as a safe space for women who are survivors of intimate partner violence. Our volunteer group coordinates and staffs a medical clinic for women in residence at the Women’s Shelter. Volunteers help volunteer physicians provide care while these women are in a period of important transition in their lives.Brittany Chamberlain, Koehler Powell, Karrin Rutledge, Shruti
IdentityAmerican Medical Women's Association (AMWA)AMWA is an organization that was founded to create a culture of inclusivity at Pitt Med. We host workshops/lunch talks to create awareness of challenges for women in medicine and help medical students build fundamental skillsets to have successful careers. Some of our most notable events include a panel discussion on gender and microaggressions, a workshop on how to succeed in medicine as a woman, and a couples-match lunch talk with MS4s. Anjana Murali, Breanna Nguyen,
IdentityAsian Pacific American Medical Student Association - APAMSAAPAMSA is a national organization of medical students who are committed to addressing the unique health challenges of the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. The Pitt SOM chapter of APAMSA also engages in cultural awareness and dialogue among our student population. APAMSA provides a venue for medical students to meet, exchange experiences and develop professionally through leadership and community service.Amanda Zhou, Yancheng
IdentityLesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender People and Allies in Medicine - LGBT-PAMLGBT-PAM organizes educational, networking, and social events for LGBT-identifying medical students and allies. Calvin McMillan, Brittany; Egnot.Brittany@medstudent.pitt.eduN/A
IdentityStudent National Medical Association-SNMAStudent National Medical Association (SNMA) is committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians. Our chapter specifically focuses on holding programs to bring awareness to social issues within our communities and volunteering to help the members in our community. Rachel Eleazu and Dan Panpittsnma2@gmail.com
SocialChristian Medical and Dental Association- CMDACMDA is a group of medical and dental students that come together for fun and fellowship. We explore the ways in which our faith relates to the practice of medicine and encourage each other along the tough journey of medical training.Seun Ayoade, Greg;
SocialGeriatric Experience for Medical Students (GEMS) The Geriatric Experience for Medical Students (GEMS) is a year-long program of monthly group meetings and visits with an assigned older adult. Students will learn about the experience of aging, gain interview and evaluation skills targeted at older adults, and understand how to use health system services on behalf of older adults. Minimum participation is at least 3 visits and 3 group sessions. This activity serves an option to fulfill credit in the mandatory Clinical Experiences Underserved (CEU) program, and also fulfills a requirement of the Geriatrics Area of Concentration. Students may participate in their first and/or second year. Lily Berrin (, Mackenzie Moon (, Emily Mosher (
SocialLiterature in Medicine - LitMedLiterature in Medicine seeks to broaden students' understanding of health care through a lens of the humanities. We hold monthly writing workshops and literature circles, with special emphasis on how medicine and culture
interact to shape patient identities and our roles as future healthcare providers.
Vaidehi Patelvap48@pitt.edu
SocialPalPITTationsA co-Ed, health sciences graduate students A Cappella groupJoanne Huang, Allen,
SocialSocial Medicine Fellowship/CATCH Home Visit ProgramThe Social Medicine Fellowship is a four-year, longitudinal program where medical students participate in service learning, research, and advocacy in accordance with community needs and assets. Social Medicine Fellows are responsible for coordinating the CATCH Home Visit program, which pairs medical students and pediatric residents with Pittsburgh families in need of social assistance for a visit at the family's home. The SMF requires an application in December of the MS1 year, however all medical students are invited to go on home visits through the CATCH program.Martine Madill (; Jad Hilal (; Ayanna Garland (
Community Service Giving A BoostGiving a Boost aims to support local Pittsburgh medical school applicants by providing free application support services (primaries, secondaries, and interviews) using Pitt Med student volunteer mentors. We also seek to equalize the playing field by supporting students who may not have otherwise had the financial capabilities or connections to seek similar services that require monetary compensations. Medical school applications are already extremely expensive as they are, and these paid services further propagate the prevalent socioeconomic inequalities of applying to medical school.Dan Pan (, Toby Zhu (,
Academic Culinary Medicine Interest GroupOur purpose is to promote awareness of the importance of nutrition and diet to medical students, patients, and the community of Pittsburgh as well as gain knowledge related to the application of nutrition to medical illnesses. We hope to improve students' ability to care for patients who are advised to make a healthy dietary change. Maria Evankovich, Maxine Fenner, Eva,,
AcademicGlobal Health and Underserved Populations Interest GroupOur group aims to raise knowledge about global public health as well as the role of medical professionals in facing global health challenges.Maria Evankovich and Kavya,
AcademicWomen in Science & Medicine Association - WSMAThe goals of WSMA are to provide mentorship and resources to women in the sciences and medicine, recruit and retain women in these career paths, and help promote advocacy for the support of women in these careers. The ways in which we do this are through monthly coffee hours where we bring in prominent women faculty in physician and scientist careers to hear their stories, book clubs focusing on discussion on gender and intersectional biases in healthcare, education including annual gender harassment bystander training, and service including running an Intro to MD/PhD panel for women pre-med undergraduates. Jorna Sojatijos233@pitt.edu
Community ServicePregnancy Associated Learning with Students (PALS)PALS pairs medical students and social work students with pregnant women who need support during their pregnancy. This is a unique opportunity to support women, learn about the challenges faced during a vulnerable time, and understand the interdisciplinary aspects of care while connecting with a social work student.Sneha Patnaik, Becca Georgiadis, Karrin Rutledgepalsatpitt@gmail.com; @upittpals
Identity Medical Student Pride Alliance - MSPAMSPA is a nationally recognized queer and allied medical student association formed with the goals of increasing our understanding of health care challenges that affect the larger queer community. Here at Pitt, our goals include advocating for curriculum reform, building networks both within and outside of UPSOM and UPMC, and establishing a community of social support. To learn more about MSPA, visit Spigner, Geyon L. Garcia, Rachel Fogel, Mark D';;; dalesio.mark@medstudent.pitt.edu
Social The Pitt Med Radio HourA podcast for Pitt Med students and by Pitt Med students, highlighting the issues that concern us as medical students, extending to our local community and the world at large.Maris Cuddeback (; Rahilla Tarfa ( Spotify:
Academic Pitt Chapter of the American Physician Scientists Association - APSAAPSA is a national student-led organization dedicated to the advancement and career development of physician scientist trainees at all levels. We coordinate networking events, outreach initiatives, and workshops geared towards enhancing the visibility of physician scientist career paths and advocating for research in translational medicine. President: Gabby Gilmepittapsa@pitt.eduFacebook: Twitter: @PittAPSA
Academic Vascular Surgery Interest Group - VSIGThe Vascular Surgery Interest Group promotes vascular-related research and service activities to students earlier in their medical career, provides students with early exposure to surgery, and assists students as they seek valuable career mentorship.Yancheng
AcademicPsychiatry Student Interest Group - PsychSIGThe Psychiatry Student Interest Group (PsychSIG) aims to help students learn about psychiatry, both with respect to the specialty itself and to the many ways that psychiatry intersects with other aspects of medicine across multiple care settings. Additionally, PsychSIG aims to connect interested students to shadowing experiences, research opportunities, and clinical work within the Department of Psychiatry at Pitt and beyond.Kevin Dowling; Reshan;
AcademicCardio-Pulmonary Interest Group - CPIGThe University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine organization known as Cardio-Pulmonary Interest Group is established to promote awareness of the importance of cardiology and pulmonology in medicine for medical students, provide a venue for medical students to shadow cardiologists, pulmonologists, and other physicians who treat conditions of the heart or lungs, at Pitt/UPMC, and reveal the everyday lives, research interests, clinical interests, and experiences of cardiologists and pulmonologists at Pitt/UPMC via interactive talks/lectures. Meetings will consist of interactive talks from Pitt/UPMC cardiologists and pulmonologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, and critical care physicians (and other physicians whose work predominantly consists of treating conditions of the heart or lungs) on their backgrounds, everyday lives, research interests, clinical interests, etc. Rishabh Kumar Sehra, Kevin Kahru, Mustafa,,