SEC Finance FAQ (Last Updated May 2022)

  1. What is the best way to get conference funding?
    • We recommend you apply to the GPSG first and then apply for the SEC funding in order to maximize the amount of funding you can get.
    • First, apply for the GPSG Award, and then even if they give you nothing (they only give 10 per month) attach the award letter of $0 to the SEC conference funding request, this allows us to exempt the 30-day requirement for receipts because the GPSG wants it 10 days after the conference.
  2. What’s the best way to submit a W-9 for reimbursements?
  3. I just became a new IG coordinator and I have no clue what my budget is.
    • All IGs have their full level of funding from last year’s allocation, email to reach Alex and get an exact number for your group.
  4. By when do IG coordinators have to spend their budget?
    • The financial budget cuts off on May 30th, all reimbursement requests must be submitted by then.
  5. Why can’t I file reimbursements myself? I filed a reimbursement but it’s not working.
    • Make sure you’re using the instructions listed here, otherwise it’s not going to go to the right place or it’ll get rejected immediately due to SORC rules. This document is written in excruciating detail with pictures to avoid any miscommunication.
    • Every single IG is a subgroup under SOM in the eyes of SORC, i.e. IMIG, CTSIG, etc, and SORC has no clue what those are – instead, they all fall under the SOM-SEC basket. That means every single financial transaction for IGs needs to run through the SEC to get to SORC, and anything else will get rejected on its face or, even if it does get through, have to be sorted out after the fact.
  6. What can I buy and get reimbursed for with SEC funds?
    • You cannot buy gift cards, or direct monetary/equipment contributions to outside organizations.
    • You can buy alcohol, but this must be pre-approved by SEC and have a signed letter from the SEC advisor (Dr. Gonzaga).