About SEC (2021-2022)

Who We Are: The Student Executive Council (SEC) is the governing body for all Pitt Med students. Our goal is to encourage a spirit of community among all med students and communication between the students and administration. Med school is stressful, and it should also be a fun and enriching experience that goes beyond what the curriculum offers! We support and encourage a wide range of student activities, including interest group events, participation in conferences, community service, social engagements, and more.

If you have an interest, we want to help you pursue it!

How Do I Become A Member? You already are! Every Pitt Med Student is a member of the SEC, even if you take a leave of absence. So, welcome to the SEC family! We’re glad to have you!

SEC Meetings: SEC no longer regularly meets due to the 2020-2021 (fingers-crossed) SARS-CoV2 Pandemic. We are available for meetings at any time with our members. Please email one of the officers below to set up the meeting or contact SECF@pitt.edu for financial matters.

2021-2022 SEC Officers

Chris Hensler
(ze/zir, accepts any pronouns)

VP Internal Affairs:
Fritz Steuer

VP External Affairs:
Mel Alvarez

VP Finance:
Michael Helkowski

VP Academics:
Allie Heymann

VP Organizational Affairs:
Madeleine Stout

2020-2021 SEC Subcommittee Chairs

Black Bag Ball (BBB)
Antalya Jano, Dana Meshkin, & Michael Raver

Faculty and Students Together (FAST)
Alyssa Aburachis, Alexandria Sasaki, & Annapurni Sriram

First Year Med Student Orientation (M1O)
Nandini Doshi, Annapurni Sriram, & Rashimi Rao

2021-2022 Tech Committee Representatives

Arjun Mittal (MS1), Stavan Shah (MS1)

Max Lohss (MS2), Danielle Gruen (MS2)

Jordan Hay (MS3), Raghu Avula (MS4), Lauren Lin (MS4)

SEC Bylaws (Coming soon!)