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SEC Student of the Month – 2021


Katherine Prochownik, Class of 2022;
Sarah Wack, Class of 2022

For their significant efforts in advocating for medical student access to the SARS-CoV2 vaccine from the health system in a prioritized fashion as members of the healthcare team.


Nicolás Kass, Class of 2024;
Jim Deuhr, Ph.D., Class of 2023

For their efforts in connecting with local pharmacies and clinics to get their classmates SARS-CoV2 vaccinations, organizing a high vaccination rate among their classes, when access was limited.


Anjana Murali, Class of 2023;
Sandra Talbot, Class of 2022

For their efforts in organizing volunteer medical students for various vaccination clinics in the Greater Pittsburgh Area to help with distribution and administration of SARS-CoV2 vaccines to vulnerable community members.

Breanna Nguyen, Class of 2023;
Lily Berrin, Class of 2022;
Michael Leone, MSTP-M2;
Jonathan Ho, Class of 2024

For their efforts in frequent and consistent volunteering in these SARS-CoV2 vaccination clinics.

APRIL – AUGUST: No nominees submitted


Maria Chroneos, MSTP-M2; 
Gabrielle Gilmer, MSTP-G1

For their organization and consistent maintenance of the 21-Month Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge in PittMed’s chapter of the American Physician-Scientist Society (APSA), running for nearly a year – the longest running interest group activity, to our knowledge, focused on racial equity and inclusion from a non-identity-based organization or organization dedicated to students of URM identity. It is crucial that we treat diversity, equity, and inclusion, as year long topics of reflection and practice that apply in any discussion of medicine and science. Our Black, AAPI, and Latinx student leaders should not be the sole source and motivators of this content in our curricular and extracurricular activities, though we ought to always welcome their voice and learn from them when they choose to share. We aim to see more reflection and practice of racial, gender, and sexuality equity in a longitudinal fashion among the rest of our student leaders.